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The Cole Snyder Non-Profit

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Cole Snyder Launches Non-Profit Corporation
Dare To Be Great, Non-Profit Corp., is a Charitable Organization created for economically challenged athletes who have natural athletic ability, deep desire to compete at the highest-level, along with demonstrating strong work ethic and academic achievement.
Why is this Charitable Organization important to Cole?  
“Growing up in Lakewood, NY made it difficult and expensive to train and compete in high level sports because it is located in a rural area. We lived about 60+ miles from the highest level training and travel teams in Western New York/Pennsylvania. Fortunately, my family had a flexible work schedule and the means to afford such a luxury.”  

“Playing travel sports and consistently training with some of the best athletic trainers elevated my skills and athletic ability, enabling me to compete at the highest levels and ultimately achieve my goals and dream of playing D1 football in the Big10/MAC.”
“As I played multiple sports with a vast variety of players from diverse economic backgrounds, I soon realized that my situation wasn’t normal and there were so many really talented athletes that couldn’t afford the same opportunities I was afforded. God has certainly blessed me and my family, so I want to pay these blessings forward by providing one or more of the following opportunities for driven and talented scholar athletes who dream of playing sports at the highest level; potentially helping them earn a full ride scholarship to a D1 institution."
  • Scholarships
  • Mentoring
  • Equipment
  • High Level Training
  • Travel Sports Funding
"I am living my dream and I want to help others live theirs... regardless of their economic status.”
How will It be funded?  
“I will be donating my time and a portion of my earnings, host fundraising events and reaching out to corporate sponsors in an effort to deliver hope and opportunity to kids who don’t have it, but dream of it…”

How can our community help?  
Dare To Be Great, Non-Profit Corp., has launched a “Give Send Go” fundraising campaign to raise $50,000 for economically challenged athletes in the 2024 season. We are calling all UB Bulls supporters and sports fans to come together and offer your financial donation at
GiveSendGo to help foster up and coming Western NY athletes!
Thank you for your interest and support! Please check back for featured stories on local athletes that "Dare To Be Great," support throughout the 2024 season and updates on our fundraising efforts!
Donations can also be mailed to:
Dare To Be Great, NPC • 101 Harrison Street Jamestown, NY
(716) 737-2227